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How to install plesk panel on linux?

Plesk Panel:
                     Plesk panel is web control panel which is used to control the websites. Many companies are using this to control his websites.It is easy to mange and host your account.


Please follow the steps to install plesk.

Step 1: First of login with root account into the linux.

Step 2: Now download the autoinstaller from the website.
# wget

Step 3: After that set the permission to plesk installer.
chmod +x plesk-installer

Step 4:  Launch the autoinstaller.

Step 5: If you want to upgrade plesk from lower version.
/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/autoinstaller –all-versions

Step 6: If you want to have Graphical User Interface then use the following command:
/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/autoinstaller –all-versions –web-interface

Step 7: After installation, open Internet Browser and go to below URL:


Step 8: After that you will see web panel.


Various types of reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is slowly becoming a popular plan on the internet. Most users wanting an economical way of hosting their websites choose reseller hosting due to its vast benefits of exclusivity. Reseller hosting is more of a business more than anything else. Hence its name. You hire web hosting solutions from one provider. Break it into little pieces and hire those little pieces at discounted price. Reseller accounts hold immense possibilities for money making where the demand for such services grows day by day.
A reseller act as a distribution partner of web addresses that have already been hired from the original server provider. Hosting packages vary according to the needs of the person acquiring the plan. Reseller hosting is widely chosen by those not having means to pay for large servers. Even though you need a business to feature in a correct manner. Reseller hostage can be regulated or configured using the latest development tools. It is perhaps the easiest way to for those wanting a fast and hassle free web hosting plan.
Category 1.
In this category of reseller hosting the reseller represents the main service provider. He will take care of all the promotional activity and complete the basic PRO required to acquire business for the main provider. In event of clients contacting the main service provider for hosting options, the reseller gets a commission for having instigated the deal.
Category 2
The second category is similar to the first but in this area; clients wanting third party hosting accounts buy space directly from the reseller. Clients are also allowed to purchase space from the main service provider if they so wish.

Category 3
As a representative of the main hosting company, the reseller now has to act an s abonafide representative buy addressing all security concerns of the address. The reseller will also have to make payments towards, promotional activity, after sales services, infrastructural support and maintenance. The reseller will also be required to keep the addresses he has hired out in a stable and secure manner. Any security concerns or requirements of anti viruses aver to be borne by the reseller.

Category 4
This is by far more complex than the previous categories. In this category the reseller will purchase bandwidth and space from the main service provider. He will then hire to third parties a part or all of his individual space .it is up to the reseller however for addressing all concerns of development, scalability, security and stability.
Reseller hosting is now a highly paid business. Website needs are growing by the minute where even lay people require websites of their own. When purchasing space from reseller one should be aware of the business and approach the reseller for a complete terms of agreement since he will be responsibility for all your security and stability requirements. Web space is cheap to come by however one should be cautious enough to buy or to sell in reseller environment.
Hosting services are cheap to come by. However with its high scalability factor, reseller hosting is a much better form of hosting as it involves zero investment and no maintenance.

The advantages of cloud hosting




As more and more businesses are turning to service providers for online solutions, processing and storage facilities, cloud computing and hosting is gaining in stature as an application that improves business. Software analysts and programmers the world over are now in recognition of the vast capabilities of cloud hosting which provides unlimited storage and maximum computing.

Cloud hosting draws its resources from server networks

Cloud hosting enables a huge amount of storage facilities where one can upload files and data and save them within a cloud or virtual storage facility that draws its own resources from a number of virtual servers connected to various main servers from different locations. The benefits derived from such an application improves computing and processing thereby speeding up all applications

Cloud computing is beneficial no doubt for large business requiring  storage and processing for huge amounts of data,  but small businesses especially can derive maximum benefits due to the support from a virtual provider which means great value for money. An individual server and storage means a huge expense no small startup or business can afford in its formative years.

Cloud hosting allows scalability and customized usage

With unlimited bandwidth and extensive storage capacity, conventional hosting is slowly giving way to cloud hosting.  The advantages of scalability in cloud computing are enormous. Websites have the ability to customize their activity as well as servers to feature those abilities relevant to their business and computing specification. Depending on extent of user traffic a website has the flexibility to modulate cloud servers to suit their needs. Service providers usually utilize load management applications to regulate cloud based servers according to the extent of activity,

Complete virtual presence no additional hardware needed

Cloud based systems reduce the need for additional hardware and software. Being virtual and digital in nature, a cloud based system is a presence existing online. This also eliminates the need for expenditure on hardware systems and issues of maintenance. This also helps an industry or business utilize the finance for more important investment. All it needs is a single computing system from where to access the facility. Cloud hosting provides immediate access to all of your data within second.

Pay for what you use

In conventional web hosting services prior to cloud based computing, businesses would have to pay for their websites being hosted on mainframe or server regardless of the activity and storage utilized.  In cloud hosting, websites need not pay more than the activity featured within the cloud. All you end up paying for is your activity on the net. There is a huge advantage in this aspect where smaller businesses are concerned. some may feel that this is a huge setback to large businesses because of their constant need of heavy processing and storage .Instead ,  cloud computing can be beneficial for long term benefits due  to risks of threats and black outs being completely neutralized.

Cloud hosting is more of a rental system where you pay for what you utilize. You pay for the storage and the expenses concerned. It makes complete business sense to rely on virtual platform which does not run the risks of threats and security issues.  Due to its infinite resources of memory, cloud hosting and storage features in emails and even sophisticated smart phones enabling you to access your data from any location.

How to use web disk in cpanel fo web server?

Cpanel offers a web disk application where files can be managed and manipulated using multiple types of interfaces such as your PC and your mobile number.

Please follow the steps:

Step 1: First of login into the cpanel.

Step 2: See there is files catagory,just click on webdisk.If you are using windows 7 or windows 8. you must first enable digest authentication. file catag

Step 3: now click on ok

Step 4: When ready ,click the “Access Web Disk” Button. How-to-use-Web-Disk-in-cPanel

Step 5: To view the instruction on using web disk,select the operating system. wd4

Step 6: Now you can proceed in one of two ways. You can either create a web disk shortcut and save to your desktop.

Using Free Web Hosting For Your Business – Sure, Why Not?



Owning a website may not be an alternative for your business — it is really essential. A website allows your small business to achieve a lot more clients at every time as well as everywhere. With additional than one billion people all around the world going on the internet, your online business will probably be missing a big part of the marketplace without an internet existence.

Rather than for the apparent reality that it is free, here are some main reasons why you must think of utilizing free website hosting for your small business:

  1. Test ground for your own developing web abilities – In case you are considering remaining your personal website owner as well as would like to get your feet humid in web building, you almost certainly would not be capable to invest a lot on website hosting yet. Totally free web hosting expert services provides you with the independence to check out your own expertise, to notice exactly what does or even does not operate in your website, which enables you to much better think about the price and also effort required in producing and sustaining your business site.
  2. Benefits of built-in abilities – The majority of free hosting providers, for example Bravenet, Yahoo! Geocities and Tripod, give easy-to-use website page constructor, and tools for example guestbook, hit counter, email forms, yet others that will improve your website.
  3. Great revenue – You obtain free web hosting, you design your own personal site, therefore you have elegant tools inserted your website to provide additional functionality, almost all without needing to invest one cent. Add most of these up, review with the possible brand new clients that you simply be obtaining, therefore you discover that your ROI for creating an internet presence for your organization will undoubtedly be important.
  4. Insufficient flexibility and control – Make sure to study the provider’s Terms and conditions before getting your own free web hosting accounts. Certain free web hosts limit the usage of particular file types, content, or perhaps languages.
  5. Higher chance of downtime without any guaranteed assistance – To be truthful, there is absolutely no such point like a zero downtime, regardless of whether it be at no cost or paid website hosting.
  6. Lack of credibility – Online marketing strategists place exceptional significance on the usage of domains for your small business. A website name is amongst tools utilized to set up your own company’s online branding as well as image. The majority of free web hosting firms provide sub domains like addresses for your internet site.

Ultimately, it is actually your decision. Although certain sacrifices required to be performed when you use free website hosting, make sure to check out your requirement for web hosting company just like you will your budding business. Begin small, dream big. Weight the advantages and disadvantages of free compared to paid web hosting. As soon as your requirements and sources grow, then you can update to a far more innovative web hosting company that you can manage to pay.

How to configure POP or IMAP email address in microsoft outlook?

Please follow the steps to setup the outlook:

Step 1: In Microsoft outlook go to tool and click on email account option.

Step 2: After clicking on email account you will see “Add a new e-mail account” just click on it and click to next.

Step 3: After that you will see 5 option, choose POP3 and click to next.

Step 4:
Now in the internet Email setting (pop3/imap) enter the information as follows.

Your Name
email address
user name
incoming mail server
outcoming mail server
and click on more setting


Step 5: On Internet E-mail Setting go to Outgoing Server. select my outgoing server(SMTP)required authentication.

Step 6: Now go to Advance tab and put there POP3 port number as default and outgoing server port 80.

Step 7: Test the setting and click on next.

Step 8: Click On finish

Cheap Web Hosting – Choose The Right Company

You might have performed the difficult part as well as that is producing the website. The subsequent step is always to obtain it hosted in respect of permit the community find your website. So just why achieve this many initial times web host provider finders fall under the trap of a nasty web host provider company? Nicely there are a variety of elements to think about and also none larger than the cost.

You need to be a lot more conscious of the website hosting company which you choose. For those who have a financial budget stick to it, in the event you notice hosting for minor or absolutely nothing and end up pondering “how will they help make money” stay nicely away, the odds are your internet site is going to be managed with minimal bandwidth leading to an extremely gradual accessible as well as amateurish website. You can even discover that the customer support is small or nothing.

Certain web host provider firms provide testimonies by themselves site from appreciated clients vouching for them. Seeing will not believe, contact these clients as well as obtain a face worth suggestion for you personally.

Imagine if you have got issues?

Let’s be truthful, issues can happen so they perhaps your problem and also at times the web host provider company would be to blame. Difficulties with technological innovation can happen at any time but it is actually just how the web hosting service responds to the problem which will determine whether you stick to them or otherwise not. If you come across your internet site dropping off line or even accessing gradually at a consistent basis basically adjustments to an additional web host business.

Virus Issues and Hackers

It is really as much as the web hosts provider organization to make sure that your own files are guarded from malware and hackers all the time. There have been lots of businesses that have needed their websites hacked just then to discover that the web hosting company needed not got the recent sections and safety software used. Newcomers to website hosting ought to request how frequently improvements and exactly what software program is employed to guard internet sites.


Running a business your internet site may be a big supply of earnings or occasionally your own only source. Constantly perform your own back-up of the website. When the web hosting company expertise issues and also for whatever cause lacks the support offered your entire business might be on hold. Support is important therefore get it done as regular as is possible or even deal with the effects.

When you where dealing with a worker you will check all of the recommendations, that is similar. Acquire the complete contact details of the website hosting company, lots of people easy use the internet and have a message address just since the contact. Constantly check around for the various website hosting offers and compare, you will discover big differences, as soon as you decide on with a financial budget ask the needed queries before you decide to register.

How Dedicated Servers Benefit the Stability and Security of a Business


Business firms and large corporates need to   secure their research, data, sensitive security issues and client information of a company from external influences. The only possible way to achieve this is by gaining access to a private server for their own personal use. Thus a dedicated server provides the function of a private network secure from access by others.

Dedicated servers are provided to companies by software firms dealing in web hosting, seo and related business solutions.  Dedicated server solutions come with a host of benefits related to multi tasking and dealing with online functions. Dedicated servers benefit a business by allowing it to remove all external factors that impede its growth and day to day functions.

Stability and Security

An online dedicated server will only allow access to one particular user.  When an IP address is shared with different websites, several problems can crop up. Hackers, bugs, cyber thefts, the list is endless. With dedicated servers there aren’t any issues related to security because these can be armed with utilities and security tools to protect from any malicious attack.

Stability is another big issue when sharing. Even though you do not engage in spam activity, there may be websites doing so. This cause a blacklisting of the IP address being used by a malicious website indulging in such activity but since you share the IP address, the blockage affects your activity as well.

Access to greater memory for storage and functioning.

Complete individual access to one particular server ensures you enjoy the total benefits of that sever.  This includes all of the memory and speed that comes with it. Hiring the services of a dedicated server means you get access to unlimited bandwidth. This benefits faster multitasking and processing on the internet with quicker upload and download speed. This feature allows you unlimited activity for generating a large number of user traffic to your sites without any additional charges involved.


Dedicated servers provide the latest upgrades in technology

Uses the services of a dedicated server ensure you the benefits of latest upgrades in technology. You can download upgraded features for your hardware and software solutions. Moreover you get to choose which operating system suits your business needs. Be it Linux or windows, you can install that which is most compatible with your business applications.

Choose a dedicated server with potential for future backup

Before you engage the services of a dedicated server provider, you should verify all aspects of the benefits entitled to you. An important issue to keep in mind is that your business growth will require future back up to integrate with larger companies or vendors and clients. Your server should have the ability to comply and provide you such integration without glitches.

It is also advisable that you choose your server solutions according to the extent of your business needs. It would be no point choosing one with sophisticated multi functions that your business will not require at this juncture. Instead it would benefit you to choose your server solutions that provide you with stability and security ensuring for overall  business growth.


Now a days Large or small business required web hosting services for hosting their websites, application and mail server. But most of the people prefers to go with shared hosting to host their websites were having other websites also hosted on same server. If you are interesting in providing web hosting services than you must go through Dedicated server hosting. Were you can rent dedicated server from dedicated server provider that whole server resources will be used one client only . Having whole server you can easily make shared hosting for your client depending upon their requirement. Dedicated server offers lots of features which was not available on other hosting plan. With dedicated server you will get full resources of single server which help to do anything on that server like Run application, Create shared hosting for your client or you can download any software. With dedicated server you don’t have to worry about your websites which can get affect due to the scripts of other websites. With dedicated server you will get good maximum uptime guarantee of server. Dedicated server help you if you have great traffic on websites. Dedicated server offers greater firewall security which help you keep your data and files secure. With dedicated server we get flexible customize server which fits as per our needs for CPU, RAM, disk space and software.Dedicated server permits organizations a customizable server setting that matches their wants. they’ll select the platform and computer code they actually need, permitting a lot of management over however their dedicated server is organized.Dedicated server offers unique ip address which was good to host websites like eCommerce websites for business. With Dedicated server you get full root access which help to reboot the server when were you require. Due full root access to server we can easily run application we want and download any software we require . Dedicated hosting supplier handles the value of building and maintaining server instrumentality, reducing the overhead for a business getting server and rising their come on investment. When you invest in dedicated hosting, you have got the chance to require advantage of priority technical support from the web hosting company. quicker response times from trained professionals will assist you resolve issues quickly and simply. Trained technical support professionals offers you the knowledge and recommendation you would like to troubleshoot web site problems, modification server settings, and perform different functions that keep your web site up and running.